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Dragon Quest X Beta Test Kicks Off Today

You may not be in the beta, but you can at least see what it's like to start play!


Dragon Quest X general director Yuji Horii, producer Yosuke Saito and director Jin Fujizawa welcome you to the Dragon Quest X beta... assuming you made the cut, of course.

Square Enix created Dragon Quest X style profile pics of the three developers for a greeting at the game's beta tester site today, just as the beta test began.

For those not fortunate enough to have made it into the beta test, the beta tester site is still wroth a visit, as it provides an early look at some areas of the game.

The site has a section on installing the game. After inserting the DQX disc, you select the DQX channel from the Wii menu. The game formats and installs the necessary data to your USB memory card (which must have at least 16 gigabytes capacity). The actual beta program is booted up from the USB install.

As one might expect of an online game, DQX has a version up process. The game also requires that you have connected to the Wii Shopping Channel at least once, or it prompts you to do so. To begin play, you'll be prompted to log in to your Square Enix Account.

The site also has a detailed guide to the game, showing the various facilities you'll encounter in town, the battle system, and character creation. Visit the site for details.

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