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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Tron Legacy, Dream Eater Breeding and Radiant Garden


Famitsu.com has posted the latest screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 3D, showing many of the details we've covered over the past week regarding Tron Legacy, the Dream Eater breeding component, and Radiant Garden. Take a look.

Tron Legacy

The Tron Legacy world is called "The Grid." Sora and friends wear special attire and hold a special Keyblade in this world. They'll meet up with characters from the movie, including Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn and Quorra.

During combat, you'll at times end up fighting upside down -- that is, walking on the roof. You'll also need to "hack" into enemies and gun turrets by tapping like-colored words on the lower screen.

Character Change

The lower right of the top screen shows your "Drop Gauge." This depletes with time, and when it reaches zero, your character is automatically switched between Sora and Riku, a process known as "Drop."

During the change, the Drop Prizes, which you get from defeating enemies, and some other items are converted into points. These points can be used to temporarily raise the parameters of the incoming character, or obtain new commands and items.

You can also trigger the Drops automatically. However, it is not possible to progress through the game as just Sora or just Riku.

Dream Eater Breeding

In addition to collecting Dream Eaters for use as partner characters during combat, you can also breed new Dream Eaters by collecting materials as specified in a recipe. Dream Eaters that are created in this way can be freely named. Post creation, you can continue to build up your Dream Eaters by giving them special items.

Using Link Points, you can unlock new abilities in your Dream Eaters. This will also unlock new commands and abilities for Sora and Riku, a gameplay system known as the "Ability Link System."

Other Screens

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