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Hideo Kojima x Suda 51 x Chiyomaru Shikura Collaboration Project Starts Now

From Steins;Gate, 5pb.'s highly regarded visual novel/adventure game.

We've been hearing about a collaborative adventure game involving Metal Gear's Hideo Kojima, Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 and 5pb.'s Chiyomaru Shikura for well over a year now. It looks like the project is finally about to get its proper start.

Shikura fired a Tweet off to Kojima earlier today saying that now that 5pb.'s Robotics;Notes is nearing completion, he'll be moving on to real production for the collaborative adventure project. Robotics;Notes' June 28 release date was announced earlier in the week.

Whatever Shikura is up to, it looks like Kojima approves, as he Retweeted Shikura's message, and added a yoroshiku (that's Japanese for... err... it's Japanese).

Kojima, Suda and Shikura discuss their project in mid 2010. Shikura is the one who doesn't look very excited.

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