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At under 70,000 sales, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's first week performance may not seem too high for a Final Fantrasy game. But the game may have been supply constrained.

Dengeki reports a 90% sell-through for the game. The site notes that many shops saw sell-outs over the weekend.

The sales stats from Dengeki are from ASCII Media Works, not to be confused with our usual source for sales data, Media Create. The two sources reported similar sales figures, though -- 67,206 from Media Create, and 69,863 units from ASCII.

Other sell-throughs, according to ASCII, include 60% for New Love Plus, and 60% for Binary Domain.

Separate from Theatrhythm, Media Create provides a sales figure for the Xbox 360 version of Binary Domain. The PS3 version placed second on the charts, selling 73,683 units. The Xbox 360 version did not place in the top 20, so we initially did not know how many units it had sold, but Media Create said today that the figure is around 4,000.

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