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Tekken's Harada To Sub For Yoshinori Ono at Street Fighter IV Tournament


Capcom will hold its Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament event on March 3 in Shinagawa Intercity Hall. But producer Yoshinori Ono won't be there, as he's off somewhere on work.

To take his place, Capcom has drafted Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. Harada is in charge of the tournament holding committee and will make an appearance at the event.

Harada doesn't really have anything to do with Street Fighter IV, but he does have something to do with the other focus of the event, Street Fighter x Tekken. The tournament is being held in part to commemorate the March 8 release of the crossover fighter, and Capcom will take some time out for a special stage for the game. Joining Harada on stage will be the recently crowned Miss Street Fighter x Tekken ladies, who will face off in tag matches.

Miss Nina (left) and Miss Chun-Li (right)
Miss Cammy (left) and Miss Asuka (right)

Attendees of the event will also be able to sample SF x Tekken on playable kiosks, with access to PS3 exclusive characters Toro, Kuro, Cole, Mega Man and Pac Man.

SF x Tekken is also featured heavily in the prizes Capcom has prepared for the tournament. The winner will get three SF x Tekken Collectors Packages, three Madcatz SF x Tekken arcade sticks, and a curry set from CoCo Ichibanya.

All attendees will walk home with some sweet gifts. Capcom has readied a reversible clear file showing SFIV on one side and SF x Tekken on the other side, and a Street Fighter x Tekken "Saikyo" hand towel.

The event will kick off at 11:00 on March 3. The tournament begins at 13:00. Following the SF x Tekken stage at 15:30, the final rounds of the tournament will be held at 16:30.

Admission to the event is free. For those who can't attend, Capcom is planning a live feed at Nico Nico Video. Visit Nico Nico Live starting at 11:00.

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