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Time Travelers Due in Early Summer -- Composer


Hideki Sakamoto is handling all the music for Time Travelers, Level-5 and Jiro Ishii's new adventure game that's due for PSP, PS Vita and 3DS release some time this year.

In a recent Tweet about the product, Sakamoto may have let slip a more specific date. He referred to the game as "Time Travelers, which is due out in early summer from Level-5."

It's unclear if Sakamoto misspoke, or if the game really is due out in early summer. Jiro Ishii replied to Sakamoto's Tweet, but only to say that he hopes everyone can hear it soon. He did not correct the date.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino has promised at least five new titles for 2012: Fantasy Life, Girl's RPG, Time Travelers, Guild 01 and Yokai Watch. Of these, only Girl's Life has a specific March 8 release date.

Time Travelers is set in April 2031, 18 years after a mysterious hole appeared in the skies above Tokyo and lead to an explosion, an incident that's come to be known as "Lost Hole." Tokyo has become a futuristic city, with hologram billboards and a 2000 meter tall "Space Elevator." This Space Elevator, located in Tokyo Bay, provides the city with great amounts of power.

The Space Elevator rises above Tokyo Bay.
Lost Hole and the Modern Shibuya

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