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Media Create Sales Stats: Vita 3G vs Wi-Fi, 3DS vs GBA vs DS


Media Create has shared some charts providing insights into sales trends for 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

For the Vita, the top chart in the image below shows weekly hardware sales for the 3G model in red and the Wi-Fi model in green. Sales are in units of 10,000, so 25 means 250,000 and 50 means 500,000 (it's okay to be confused by this). PSP sales for the first eight weeks of its life are shown by the blue line.

What's interesting here is the proportion of 3G vs Wi-Fi models, a statistic about which Sony has not made official comment. Initially, the 3G unit had the greater share. However, the imbalance has since leveled off, so it appears that both versions have sold equal numbers.

Recently, we've been seeing reports of retailers providing discounts for 3G units. Some retailers have said that Sony has created an official 2,000 yen cash back campaign for those who buy a Vita with a game. Amazon went live with this promotion a couple of weeks back. Amazon also provides standard discounts on top of the 2,000 yen. It's possible to buy a Wi-Fi model at Amazon for ¥22,813, cut down a bit from the MSRP ¥24,980. A 3G Vita costs ¥26,707 at Amazon, down from the MSRP ¥29,980. If you buy a game, the 3G system goes down to 24,707.

The chart also shows that the Vita is underperforming compared to the PSP. Although not shown in this chart, the Vita is also being beaten in current weekly charts by the PSP.

The charts below the main chart show Vita buyer demographics. The system's buyers are 82.67% male. The chart to the right of that show ages. Buyers peak in the twenties to mid thirties range.

For the 3DS, Media Create's data shows how the system's sales pattern compares with its predecessors. 3DS is in green, DS is in red and Game Boy Advance is in blue. Game Boy Advance was leading the two systems until the 49 week mark, when the 3DS shot up and overtook it.

Looking at full industry trends, this last chart shows shows how the overall game market has been shrinking. Following the 2007 peak, where DS and Wii were going full steam, the market has been dropping every year, and this in 2011 fell below the 500 billion yen mark for the first time since 2005.

Media Create provided these stats to attendees of a seminar which was held on February 15. A few sample charts, including the above, were posted online. Access the full PDF here.

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