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Crimson Dragon High Res Screens

Plus, a few bits from the game's stage event at today's Akihabara fan festival.


We have some high res versions of the Crimson Dragon screens Microsoft shared at Xbox 360's fan appreciation festival in Akihabara earlier today.

As reported earlier in the day, Crimson Dragon is the final name of Project Draco, a Kinect exclusive shooter from Panzer Dragoon developer Yukio Futatsugi. Microsoft gave the game its Japanese playable debut at the Akihabara event, and also shared the new name.

For a summary of the game's demo based off Famitsu.com's impressions, see this story.

The game was also featured in a stage event where Futatsugi did a recap of the story and gameplay systems. Most of the details are old, but here's what Famitsu.com reports from the stage:

  • The game takes place 150 to 200 years in the future. Mankind has moved to another planet, but due to some happening, that planet is on the verge of destruction. The remaining people modify dragons for a transportation means.
  • Futatsugi noted that the game's world is not fantasy. It has sci-fi touches.
  • The game has seven worlds, six dragon types, and over 100 skills.
  • Multiplayer support includes three player co-op over Xbox Live. Players can use the dragons that they've built up in the single player mode.
  • The game is being developed jointly with Land Ho.
  • In closing comments, Futatsugi said that they're developing the game to have higher quality and volume than one might expect of an Xbox Live Arcade title.

See Famitsu.com and Impress Watch for pics from the stage event.

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