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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Nearing Completion


The long wait for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor may be coming to an end. During a stage event at Microsoft's Xbox 360 fan event in Akihabara today, producers Kenji Kataoka and Tatsuya Kitabayashi hinted that the game is close to going gold.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, or Jutekki as it's known in Japan, was one of the many surprise announcements from Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show keynote address in 2010. Developed jointly by Capcom and From Software, the game is a Kinect exclusive. While you use the standard Xbox 360 controller for movement and attacking, you use Kinect to look around the cockpit and do such things as flip switches and operate the periscope.

At today's event, games like Diabolical Pitch (formerly Codename D) and Crimson Dragon (formerly Project Draco) were on playable display for the public, but Steel Battalion Heavy Armor's showing was limited to a press conference. Kataoka and Kitabayashi's demonstration was of the same Manhattan stage that was shown to the press at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

While it might be worrying to see the same presentation as TGS, Kataoka assured that development on the game is going well. The game is close to being complete, he said. Kitabayashi promised that they'd deliver a game that exceeds everyone's expectations.

Visit Impress Watch for pics from the press conference.

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