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Capcom's Kobayashi Hints at Resident Evil and Dragon's Dogma Surprises for Xbox 360 Players


As one would expect of an Xbox 360 press conference, Microsoft's Takashi Sensui was the first person to speak at a press conference held during Microsoft's Xbox 360 fan event in Akihabara today. After a general introduction, where he reminded attendees that the Xbox brand had seen its 10th anniversary in Japan on the 22nd, he gave the mic to a representative from a company he said has been with them since the start, Capcom.

Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi introduced Capcom's Xbox 360 lineup, including the recently released Asura's Wrath, and the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and Dragon's Dogma.

It looks like Kobayashi was in a teasing mood today. Impress Watch reports that he hinted at upcoming announcements related to Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Dragon's Dogma. Regarding RE, he said "For Xbox 360 owners, we'll soon have an announcement, so look forward to it." He made a similar promise for Dragon's Dogma -- an announcement for Xbox 360 players.

Kobayashi also debuted a new trailer for Dragon's Dogma. This will be released to the general public in March or beyond.

The main Capcom attraction at the event was Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. For details on that game's showing, see this story.

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