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Surge Concerto: Ion's Friends and the Dive System


Surge Concerto's heroine Ion may exist in a virtual world, but she's not alone in that world. Gust introduced some of the supporting cast members today, along with some gameplay details.

Ion and friends live in the world of Rashura. In this world, people use a "magic tool" called Cernotron which is capable of changing thoughts into power. This device gives people a life full of abundance.

However, the world of Rashura is approaching its end as its sun expands and threatens to swallow it. The Cernotron has proven ineffective against this, and so people, in the hope of escaping the sun's ferocity, built floating cities called Kolon (I think it's meant to be "Colon" as in "Colony," but I'm not going to write "Colon" in all my stories about this game). There are a variety of Kolons, one with four seasons, one that is like an amusement park, one that is like a factory, and so-forth, but they all have technology for protecting the people from the sun.

Only the rich live in Kolons. The poor continue to live on the ground, in dangerous areas. Ion, our heroine, lives in one such ground area, Manjyu.

Today, Gust introduced four characters:

Turbo (ター坊), Voiced by Momoko Ohara

The first boy Ion meets after the start of the story. Turbo is the son of the owners of Ruru, the general store. He has a leader-like role amongst the children of the Manjyu. He's also leader of the adventure group formed by him and two of the other characters introduced below.

Cat (キャス), Voiced by Inori Minase

One of the girls Ion meets in the secret base that Turbo leads her to. She's a child of the wealthy Leonite family. She first met Turbo five years back and has had a secret crush on him since. However, their parents do not get along. Cat is the secretary in Turbo's adventure group.

Plum (プラム), Voiced by Eimi Okada

One of the boys Ion meets in Turbo's secret base, this Italian boy is the head of development for Turbo's adventure group and has an interest in astronomy.

Telefunken (テレフンケン), Voiced by Kana Akutsu

A Genome, or virtual life, that Ion encounters in Manjyu. As a virtual life, he does not require food or nutrients to live. Instead, he gets his livelihood from synching up with people and directly drawing their life energy. When Ion first met Telefunken, he was on the verge of death. She felt sorry for him and took him into her care, and he is now Ion's partner.

Ion's friends in Manjyu.

Ion actually isn't a totally virtual character. When you start the game, you'll communicate with her in the "real world part." You can select an option to "dive" into her "dream world." This is where the world of Rashura, on the brink of destruction, exists. You'll need to help Ion rebuild this world, and thus her heart, by appealing to a spirit in her heart named Sharl. As you repair the world, Ion's lost memories will come back.

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