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Etrian Odyssey IV Official Site and Developer Blog Open

Director says new casual mode will allow staff to increase normal mode's difficulty.


Atlus gave the Etrian Odyssey IV official site its grand opening today and also began a development blog. Access the site here (the question at the opening lets you toggle music on or off).

The site has sections for introduction, character and system. The system area currently has just an introduction to the casual mode difficulty setting. Details on monsters, character creation, fields and the battle system will be shared later.

The character section has a look at the game's seven character classes, with original drawings by Yuji Himukai. The seven classes are:

  • Knight Seeker
  • Rune Master: Expert at elemental attacks
  • Dancer: Supports your allies with dance
  • Fortress: Iron wall that protects your allies
  • Swordsman
  • Medic: Recovery specialist
  • Sniper: Takes aim at foes from afar

The first installment of the development blog is penned by director Daisuke Kaneda, who explains two reasons for the inclusion of casual mode. One reason is to allow the game to be enjoyed by players who may be busy or have not played the series before or those who just want to enjoy the dungeon exploration and map drawing component.

The other reason is that the inclusion of casual mode will allow the staff to increase the difficulty of normal mode without worries.

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