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Capcom Details Asura's Wrath Download Content, Dragon's Dogma Demo

Sample Dragon's Dogman in advance.

Here's a little teaser about some upcoming download content from Capcom.

First up, Dragon's Dogma. Famitsu reveals this week that Capcom is planning a demo. The demo will let players create a character, and carry it over into the final version. Quests include fights against a griffon and chimera.

We don't know the demo's availability date yet, but it will presumably come before the game's May 24 release date.

Next, Asura's Wrath. Capcom has been sharing teaser screenshots from the game's download content without providing specifics on pricing or release information. Famitsu reveals this game that the game's Chapter 11.5 DLC will be released on March 27 and its Chapter 15.5 DLC will be released on April 3. They will be priced ¥200 each.

As DLC mentioned in the Famitsu was announced last week. Both items are animated sequences from Studio 4C, but they appear to have interactive elements.

A screen from the 15.5 DLC.

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