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Animation from Liberation Girl.

Level-5's first new game of 2012 is Girl's RPG, a 3DS RPG by girls for girls. This will be released next week.

Level-5's second new game of 2012 will be Guild 01. This week's Famitsu reveals a May 17 release date and ¥3,980 price for the game.

Guild 01 is a collection of four unique titles from four different creators. Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 is working on Liberation Girl, a shooter. Seaman creator Yoot Saito is working on Air Porter, an airport management simulation. Tactics series creator Yasumi Matsuno is working on Crimson Shroud, a traditional tabletalk style RPG. Finally, comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai is working on Rental Weapon Shop, a fantasy RPG where you play as the owner of an RPG weapon shop.

Level-5 has been providing game-by-game updates for the title over the past few weeks. We've thus far gotten close looks at Liberation Girl and Crimson Shroud. Closeups for Air Porter and Rental Weapon Shop will likely follow.

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