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PS Vita Love Sim Little Busters Release Date and Bonus Goodies Announced


What's love like on PlayStation Vita? You'll find out in late March as Prototype releases Little Busters! Converted Edition for the system. Prototype announced today a final release date of March 22, with pricing set at ¥6,090.

Little Busters! Converted Edition is a Vita version of a 2007 PC love adventure game from Key. The game was previously released on PS2 and PSP.

The Vita version includes touch screen support and high resolution visuals. It occupies a 4 gigabyte card and will offer on-card saving.

Prototype's announcement today made no mention of a download version.

The first print run of the game will include a special drama CD. The game will also get shop-specific telephone cards, bromides, and a "micro fiber cloth." Take a look at the goods below.

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