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Dragon Quest X: New Story Characters

Meet the ogres.


Square Enix provided an introduction today to some of the characters you'll encounter during your adventure in Dragon Quest X. Today's lineup includes characters you'll find in Ogleed, land of the Ogres, particularly in the small village of Langao.

You're greeted on arrival at Langao.

Village King Klifgein (村王クリフゲーン)

King of Langao. He's won the great fighting tournament many times in the past.

Jennya (ジェニャ)

A girl who's wandering about town for some reason. Perhaps she will serve as a source of information for adventurers?

Maiyu (マイユ)

Klifgein's daughter. She seems to have an interest in adventurers like yourself.

Harold (アロルド)

After much training, this young ogre has come to be known as the the town's top warrior. He and Maiyu appear to be involved in some way.

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