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Square Enix Arcade Shooter Gunslinger Stratos Uses Umbra Middleware


Finland's Umbra Software announced today that Square Enix's new shooter Gunslinger Stratos makes use of its Umbra rendering middleware. Developed by ByKing, Gunslinger Stratos will see arcade release this Summer.

The game was previously announced as making use of Silicon Studio's new Orochi game engine. ByKing is using Umbra's integrated occlusion culling middleware to help in rendering the game's real world locations.

According to Umbra, other developers using its rendering optimization suite include Bungie, 38 Studio, IO Interactive, Sony Online Entertainment, and Remedy.

Square Enix's use of Umbra technology may go beyond Gunslinger Stratos. Umbra says that Square Enix has licensed the technology for use in future projects.

Access the Umbra official site for further details about the Umbra 3.1 suite.

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