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We have a few additional screenshots of the download content Capcom is readying for Asura's Wrath.

As detailed yesterday, Capcom has announced final release information for the first two phases of download content. The game's "Chapter 11.5" DLC will be released on March 27, priced ¥200/160MSP. The "Chapter 15.5" DLC will follow on April 3 at the same price.

These first two pieces of DLC take the form of animated movies with interactive elements. Capcom has not provided specifics, but here are a couple of additional screens.


Capcom also previously showed screens of download content that looks like a fighting game featuring a cameo appearance by Street Fighter's Ryu. The "VS" screen should look familiar.

It's unclear when this Ryu download content will be released. Capcom's download content page lists three additional pieces of DLC outside of the first two, but does not provide release information or pricing.

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