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3DS Gets Cobalt Blue Color, Fire Emblem System, and New Bundles


The latest 3DS color variation is Cobalt Blue. Nintendo announced today that a Cobalt Blue version of the system will be released on March 22, priced the usual ¥15,000. This will be the system's sixth color variation following Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flair Red, Misty Pink and Ice White.

A special version of the Cobalt Blue system will be bundled with Fire Emblem Awakening as part of a ¥19,800 "Special Pack" bundle. This will be released opposite Fire Emblem on April 19 and will be sold exclusively through Nintendo's online sales service. Buyers will get the ¥1,000 Fire Emblem point card as a free bonus.

Nintendo also announced two Monster Hunter 3G Beginner Hunters Packs, which combine the 3DS with black or red systems. These packs are due for release on March 17, priced ¥19,800.

Super Mario 3D Land will get white and pink system bundles on March 24, priced ¥19,800. These include the Virtual Console version of Super Mario Bros. pre-installed on the systems' SD Memory Card.

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