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Imageepoch Next's JRPG Declaration is on March 7

Information on two new titles, plus alpha!

From the January broadcast.

Imageepoch will be announcing a new game (or possibly games) in Famitsu next week. As it did with Tokitowa back in January, the publisher/developer will also host a live broadcast on Nico Nico Video with a first look at the game(s).

The "JRPG Declaration 2012 Vol.2" webcast will be held on March 7 at 19:00. This time, CEO Ryoei Mikage will be joined by voice actress Mami Shimoda.

Imageepoch's notice of the event said that we'll get "information on two new game announcements + alpha." At least one of these will be information about an "unannounced original RPG."

View the event live at Nico Nico.

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