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Conception Battle System Detailed

Fight with -- and for! -- your illegitimate star babies.


Spike's updates on Conception: Please Have My Babies have mostly focused on the game's characters and story. Today, we got some details about the battle system via Famitsu.com.

The battle system is known as the Positioning Battle system. In this turn-based system, you move your characters between four areas surrounding the enemies, and make use of attacks and skills.

Positioning is key to success, as you'll need to move to target enemy weak points, and move to get out of range of enemy special attacks. When you first enter battle, you'll want to check up on enemy information which can reveal enemy skills, and weak points.

As you connect attacks, enemies will build up an Over Chain gauge. If this gauge reaches a certain level, the enemy will enter a "chain" state and will move slower and be open to combos. Make use of this chain system, and you'll receive greater skills and rewards post battle.

As you can see in the screenshots, the game has incredibly large parties. The Leader -- the guy in black -- is your character. The other participants are the "star children" you produced with the game's female cast. One screen shows what appears to be a formation system, with the star children split into three teams.

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