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Sony Holding Second World Game Project Fes. Event in Shibuya

World Game Fes isn't all western games! Lumines will be playable one week after its Japanese release.

Sony's Western games focused event series World Game Project Fes will see its second round later this month. World Game Project Fes Vol.2 will be held on March 20 (a holiday) at Shibuya Plug and will see eleven PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles up for play.

Playable titles include: SSX, War in the North Lord of the Rings, Journey, Starhawk, Dragon Age II, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, FIFA Street and PixelJunk 4AM on PS3, and FIFA World Class Soccer, Rayman Origin and Lumines Electronic Symphony on Vita.

Sony will also hold a live DJ event for PixelJunk. This will start at 17:00.

Entry to the event is free. Fill out a survey after sampling a game, and you'll get a ticket for a free drink.

The first World Game Project was held in July 2011. Access the event's official community here.

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