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iOS Legend of Heroes Is More than Just a Port

Aeria speaks out on what's new for iPhone players.


Famitsu.com managed to get a few first details on the iOS version of Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, which was announced late last year. The site interviewed Aeria's Takayuki Hatano, leader of the game's development support team.

Hatano told Famitsu that the iOS conversion will be more than just a port. He wouldn't get too specific, but suggested that there would be additional story elements. We can expect to fill in the gaps between entries in the series. We'll even get some form of connection with Zero no Kiseki, the next Legend of Heroes series following the Trails in the Sky trilogy.

Aeria's original announcement last year mentioned that the game would have social aspects. Hatano said that they're looking into a number of features for this area. For example, they could make it so that having friends would bring about benefits, such as receiving items, or getting extra support during special attacks. One possibility Hatano mentioned is adding a "Social Shop," akin to the Weapon Shop or Item Shop one finds in a typical RPG. Go there, and you'd find a lobby where you could search for friends and take on quests from friends.

For the iOS version, Aeria is planning to make a new interface that lets the game be played easily with one finger. The development staff is placing as much importance on gameplay systems and controls as they are on the scenario. Hatano is not sure if they'll have "tate" support (that's where you hold the iPhone vertically instead of horizontally), but said that this could be interesting.

The game will also be given an appropriate visual upgrade for iOS, Hatano said.

Hatano would not give specifics on when the game would be released. Releasing the game this year could be difficult, he admitted. Falcom is telling them to take their time to make a quality game.

The game's price is also not finalized. It won't be free, though. Also, it's possible we'll get paid download content, including new characters, additional scenarios for popular characters, and other features based off user feedback.

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