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Phantasy Star Sakai and Super Robot Wars Terada Appear at PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Broadcast


Sony has shared a new preview video for next week's PlayStation Vita Game Heaven broadcast. This video shows some of the guest creators who will be making an appearance and presumably detailing their PlayStation Vita offerings.

Among the participants are:

  • Satoshi Sakai (known for the Phantasy Star series)
  • Katsura Hashino (known for the Persona series)
  • Toshihiro Kondo, Ken Nakanko (from Falcom)
  • Takanobu Terada (known for the Super Robot Wars series)

For Hashino and the Falcom guys, we already know about Persona 4 The Golden and Zero no Kiseki Evolution, so their appearance could be just in reference to updates on those games. But the appearance of Sakai and Terada has caused some speculation that we could be getting announcements related to their series.

Check out the spot below.

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