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G.Rev Readying PlayStation Vita Version of Senko no Ronde


G.Rev held its latest streaming web event today. While 3DS shooter Kokuga was one of the main focuses of the event, the studio also announced PlayStation Vita support. Its first game will be a new entry in the Senko no Ronde shooting series, with plans for a release in 2013.

In comments shared with the press after the broadcast, director Hiroyuki Maruyama said that today's announcement was just notice that they've decided to develop the game. They're currently at the planning level. However, the framework for the game has been mostly finalized.

Maruyama believes the final product will end up being greatly different from past entries in the series. He even said that they may end up not using the Senko no Ronde name.

From Senko no Ronde Duo on Xbox 360.

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