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DoDonPachi Maximum Hits on March 7

Screens and details for the Windows Phone bullet hell shooter.


Cave announced today a final release date of March 7 for DoDonPachi Maximum, the Windows Phone version of its bullet hell shooting series. Maximum will be available for Windows Phone 7 via Xbox Live Marketplace, priced ¥435.

In Maximum, players board the Maximum Bullet Simulator, a bullet hell simulator developed by Evac Industry. The game promises all the thrills of bullet hell shooting, but with a simple control scheme. With full auto shooting, you can mostly play with one finger, although your laser bomb requires two fingers.

You'll find a total of five stages. Depending on how you perform in one stage, the next stage could see an increase in difficulty.

Music in Maximum includes remixes of Daioujou and Daifukkatsu music from composer WASi303.

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