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Resident Evil Combo Pack Available for Limited Time on PSN


Capcom will soon release the "Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Appreciation Pack" to PlayStation Network. This bundle includes Resident Evil Director's Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Last Escape, and Resident Evil 4 in one package, all for ¥3,000.

The pack will be available from March 14 through March 27.

Buying each game in the pack separately would cost ¥3,700. That's ¥600 for the PS1 Game Archive games and ¥1,900 for Resident Evil 4.

RE4 actually isn't available on PSN yet. That release is due on the 13th as well, along with Resident Evil Code: Veronica, priced ¥1,900 each. Both titles will also be released on Xbox 360 Games on Demand, priced 1,360 Microsoft Points each.

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