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Square Enix's Voice Localization Toolkit is Named After Moogles

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When localizing its games, Square Enix uses a tool that it calls "Moomle." Yes, this tool is named after Final Fantasy's Moogle mascot character.

Square Enix's Hikaru Taniyama and Masaharu Shibayama detailed Moomle and other area of localization today during a Game Developer's Conference session titled "Audio Localization Done Right: Simultaneous Scripting and Recording."

Moomle is a management tool which localization staff uses to manage voice and text data. The tool also stores the original text and dialogue, complete with change history. Using the tool Square Enix's localization department can manage all languages from one location.

In addition to the name's Moogle ties, Taniyama and Shibayama joked that the name is also similar to the Japanese for "I can't take it anymore" ("Mou, muri!"), indicating the difficulties in localization.

The session used Final Fantasy XIII-2 as an example. The recently released sequel had 555,047 Japanese characters. In English, this became 1,373,388 words. The game's voice component included 18,098 lines.

Visit Famitsu.com for pics of slides from today's session.

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