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From the newly opened Sol Trigger official site.

The "main dish" (according to CEO Ryoei Mikage) at today's Imageepoch web cast event was the unveiling of Sol Trigger. Although word of the new PSP RPG had leaked out earlier in the week, the broadcast served as the game's official announcement point, and provided us with a first trailer.

Joking that the name had leaked out incorrectly as some variations of "Soul Trigger," Mikage shared many of the details we heard about yesterday through Dengeki PlayStation. He also revealed that the game is Imageepoch's most expensive project to date. On the gameplay side, while not going into details, he said that the game will have turn-based battles.

During a Q&A session with NicoNico Video viewers, Mikage shared -- or did not share -- a few additional bits about the game:

  • The game won't ship with a figure, but will have pre-order bonuses
  • Mikage wouldn't say how long the game has been in development, but said it has been in the works for a long time.
  • The game will have normal and easy modes of difficulty. The Sol-based mechanics will be particularly important in normal difficulty.
  • Mikage would not say what platform Imageepoch will be supporting after PSP. At the very end of the broadcast, though, he said that he gets the feeling they're making lots of games for Vita, PS3 and 3DS.
Mikage (center) and the webcast's MCs detail Sol Trigger.

Access the game's official site at sol.jrpg.jp. You'll find the game's debut trailer at Nico Nico Video.

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