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Dragon Quest X: Job System and More Ogleed Characters


This week's Dragon Quest X update details the game's job system and continues last week's look at the land of the ogres, Ogleed.

Job System

Jobs in Dragon Quest X aren't like the jobs in Final Fantasy. Here, you take on an actual job in the Dragon Quest X world and can do job-specific things like make items and take on particular quests associated with that job. Items that you make can be used as your own equipment, or you can sell them for profit and fame. Quests include daily offerings, and more complex mini story events.

To take on a job, you must register at a place called the Guild House. Once registered, you'll be able to create items, but you'll first need a recipe. Recipes can be purchased from shops, although the rarer recipes will have to be found in treasure boxes and other secret areas.

The item-making process takes the form of mini games. These screens show the process of making weapons as a weapon smith. You'll need to pound away at the weapon, making sure each of the meters hits the green zone.

As you gain experience in your field, your job experience value will rise, and you'll rise in level. You'll also learn job-specific skills which can be used to more easily make valuable items.

Ogleed Characters

Joining the job system details, Square Enix provided a followup look at some of the main characters you'll encounter in Ogleed, land of the Ogres. For our previous look, see this story.

King Bagudo

King Bagudo rules over the kingdom of Glenn, which is where you'll find the weapon smith guild shown in the above screenshots. He's known as a amongst his people as a kind hero, although the screens show him full of anger.


Eidos the Wise Man senses changes in the world and travels in an attempt to find and stop the source. He'll serve as a guiding force as you continue your quest.

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