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Fate/Extra Characters Appear in Imageepoch's Chevalier Saga Tactics


Imageepoch promised two announcements and a plus alpha for the web cast CEO Ryoei Mikage held earlier today. The two titles, as detailed here earlier, were Another Princess for NicoNico Appli and Sol Trigger for PSP.

The plus alpha was, as you might have expected, a bit smaller. Imagepoch announced that it will be updating its browser-based strategy title Chevalier Saga Tactics. The update, due to be available today, will add a Guild Ranking system and castle battles. Mikage described these as major systems for the game.

Mikage (center) details the plus alpha announcement.

Mikage also outlined some of the future updates. A new "rasputin" unit will be added to the game at some point. It will be joined by Saber, Archer, and Caster, appearing as crossover characters from Fate/Extra. Availability dates for these features were not announced.

Browser-based strategy from Imagepoch. Chevalier Saga Tactics was released last November. A PS3 version was also announced, but we've heard nothing about it since.

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