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Mugen Souls: You Select the Collaborative Download Content!

Characters from Agarest Senki, Neptune and other Compile Heart games to appear in PS3 title.


Compile Heart will be offering collaborative download characters for PS3 RPG Mugen Souls. Collaborative with what? It's up to you!

The publisher wants players to vote on their most wanted character from such games as Spectral Force, Neptune mk2, Spectral Blade, Mist of Chaos, Blazing Souls, and Agarest Senki. The top three vote getters will be released as download content. Compile Heart says it may even release more if votes are high.

To vote, access this page.

Incidentally, just because you're taking part in the voting does not mean this is free content. Compile Heart confirms that the DLC will be premium.

Also be sure and visit the game's official site for a movie showing the costume change component. You'll find the video in the gallery section

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