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Asura's Wrath: Download Content Round 3 Screenshots


Capcom shared screens today for the third round of Asura's Wrath download content. If this confuses you, it may be because the first two rounds have not been released yet (they come out respectively on March 27 and April 3).

Round three includes four chapters, chapter 19 through 22, and is basically the game's fourth part, telling the story of what happens after the third part.

This appears to be more substantial than the first two DLC episodes, which were priced ¥200/160MSP, and its price reflects that, at ¥700/560MSP.

Look for DLC round 3 on April 24, but expect to hear about DLC round 4 well before that. Capcom also has DLC round 5 listed at the official site. It's still unknown where those Ryu vs Asura screenshots fit into all this DLC.

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