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Imageepoch updated the official Tokitowa blog today with a look at the game world. Here's some of what's said in the post.

This screen shows the main character, an 18-year-old knight in the Kingdom of Kamuza, about to kiss his soon-to-be-bride Toki, the 16-year-old princess, for the first time.

The next few screens show Kamuza, a kingdom which was formed when the legendary prince and princess got married. Toki and the main character are to be wed in the same hall as the legendary prince and princess.

The last couple of screens are actual gameplay shots showing Toki running about Kamuza and engaging in battle. In addition to her rifle, Toki can use magic to attack enemies.

"But why does Toki get caught up in battle?" asks the blog. We'll presumably have to wait for volume 2 of the blog series for more.

Joining the blog post, Imageepoch opened an official Twitter for the game. The Tweets are written by Toki herself.

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