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Kingdom Hearts 3D Screens: Link Portal, Dive Mode, and Training Toys


Famitsu.com has posted a new batch of screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 3D, showing off such features as the Link Portal, Dive Mode and Training Toys. Take a look below.

Dive Mode

Dive Mode is the name for the mode of play you enter when moving to a new world. As you fall into the world, you must defeat enemies and collect prizes. Clear a certain score, and you'll enter the next world.

Link Portal

You'll find Link Portals here and there in the areas of play. There are two types: Battle Portals and Friend Portals.

Battle Portals put you up against a particular Dream Eater. Defeat the Dream Eater, and you'll get the materials required for creating it as a partner Dream Eater character.

Friend Portals adds a Dream Eater to your battle party for a temporary time.

In addition to a default set of Dream Eaters, the Link Portals will have Dream Eaters that you receive from other players through Street Pass.

Training Toys

Among the various ways to build up your Dream Eaters, you can use the stylus to pet and poke at them. This will build up Link Points, which you use to acquire new abilities, and experience.

To gain more Link Points, use training toys to play with the Dream Eaters. Shown below are Treasure Goggle and Water Barrel training toys.

Other Screens

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.