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Capcom Announces Onimusha Strategy RPG for Browsers and Smartphones


Capcom is resurrecting the Onimusha franchise for a new browser and smartphone game. Titled Onimusha Soul, the game will begin service on PC browsers on June 28, with a smartphone version to follow in the Fall.

Onimusha Soul is a Sengoku era strategy RPG based on characters from the classic PlayStation 2 series. Players play as a feudal lord of one of the warring states and use their powers to achieve the growth of their respective states and train military commanders as they fight with other players.

The game will also have an original story, and will also have community and social elements. As an example, Capcom says that players can be grouped separately based on Japan's 47 prefectures and take part in cooperative or competitive play.

Capcom is making use of the Unity 3D engine for the game's development. This promises to give the game high quality visuals beyond what we're used to seeing from conventional browser games.

Like most browser games, Onimusha Soul will use an item transaction system, meaning basic play is free.

Access the game's official site here. For interested players, the site has details on a closed beta test.

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