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Guild 01: Rental Weapon Shop and Aeroporter Detailed


Level-5 shared screens and details today for the last two games in the Guild 01 collection. Following our previous looks at Crimson Shroud and Liberation Girl, here are closeups of Rental Weapon Shop, from funny man Yoshiyuki Hirai, and Aeroporter, from Seaman creator Yoot Saito.

Hirai (left) and Saito (right).

Rental Weapon Shop

In this adventure game, you play as Yuhan, apprentice at a weapon shop that exists in the world of Wiko II, a popular RPG. Heroes will come to your shop asking for weapons, and you'll have to fulfill their requests.

Yuhan (left) and his master.

After finalizing the weapon choice, you'll need to create the weapon in the game's forging part. This takes the form of a rhythm game, where you pound at the weapon according to the beat. You'll need to keep track of the weapon's heat as you work.

Your relationship with the hero doesn't end after you've rented him your weapon. You'll be able to use your "Donai Natter" communication tool to communicate with the hero and see how he's progressing.


Aeroporter is a fusion of simulation and puzzle. Set in an airport, you control a conveyor belt and attempt to process incoming baggage by gathering like-colored items and sending them off to their required airplane.

The game has a simple control scheme. Most of the controls are through the L and R buttons, which move luggage respectively up and down. Advanced players will be able to create combos with the luggage.

As you advance, you'll save up money which can be used to expand the airport. An expanded airport will get larger airplanes and more baggage.

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