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Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution Video


Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo and Pyramid CEO Takashi Nakano discussed Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution in a nearly five minute video released by Sony today as part of the PlayStation Vita Game Heaven video series. The video includes a few bits of gameplay from the updated Vita port, so be sure and take a look below.

In the video, Kondo reveals a few bits about the game, including:

  • Evolution was originally planned for PSP. However, there were concerns about the limits of UMD space.
  • Zero no Kiseki lends itself well to Vita, as Falcom has high resolution versions of the game's art resources.

Unfortunately, the two did not share a final release date. Falcom previously said that the game would be released in August.

Kondo (left( and Nakano.
The new script.

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