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The Idolmaster idols will be appearing on PlayStation Vita, but not on stage. The girls will be added to Vita launch title Ridge Racer as special downloadable cars.

Namco Bandai announced today plans for a series of thirteen "EX Color" cars featuring the various Idolmaster idols. Each car will be sold for ¥500.

The first batch, featuring Haruka and Makoto, will be released on March 14. Chihaya, Azusa and Yayoi will follow on April 12. The remaining girls will appear in May.

Ridge Racer will also get Idolmaster music tracks. Four tracks will be released in May, priced ¥150 each.

Buying all the Idolmaster DLC separately would cost you ¥6,500. Namco Bandai will also offer a ¥2,980 iM@S Pass, which gives you access to all the content.

Below, you'll find videos introducing the new crossover DLC.

Fiera x Haruka

Rauna x Makoto

Ridge Racer Dwonload Content Info

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