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Metal Gear Solid HD Supports Cloud Storage

Plus, details on the Vita version's touch screen controls.


The Vita and PS3 versions of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD will share save data via "Trasfarring." But you won't have to swap your save files between the two systems directly.

Konami announced today that the game will support TUS, or "Title User Storage," which basically means sharing save data via the Cloud. If you save your data to the Cloud, you can access it directly on both systems without direct Wi-Fi Trasnfarring.

The Cloud support was part of a series of announcements for the game today. Konami shared a June 28 release date, and also announced how the game will use the systems' touch panel. Among the touch-enabled capabilities are zooming in with your binoculars, swapping weapons, and zooming in on particular areas of the screen during event scenes.

Be sure and visit this story for screens showing the new controls, and this story for a video introduction from the Kojima Productions staff, complete with a few bits of gameplay footage.

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