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Enjoying all the PlayStation Vita videos we've been posting today? There's a whole lot more! Access the full collection of newly released clips at Sony's PS Vita Game Heaven portal site. You might find Sony's Youtube channel a bit easier to navigate.

In addition to the videos we posted earlier, here are a few notable clips:

Sumioni Update Information

This clip shows the gallery and ranking mode updates that are available today.

Street Fighter x Tekken Vita Trailer

Is this Vita footage?

Ragnarok Odyssey Online Multiplayer Update

This video shows the free patch that will add online play to the game.

Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 Special Movie

Konami's human proportioned baseball series.

Dream Club Zero Portable DLC Video

This DLC video is mostly devoted to the new karaoke song downloads, but the end shows some of the new costumes.

Hello Kitty to Issyo Block Crash

See if you can spot the Hello Kitty in this action puzzle game.

Little Busters! Converted Edition Trailer

Love on the PlayStatin Vita.

Media 5 PS Vita Edutainment Tool Project

This video from Media 5 promises to turn PlayStation Vita into the ultimate edutainment tool. This means at least 10 edutainment releases through October.

New Title Video

This video has brief clips of Person 4 The Golden, Metal Gear Solid HD, Gundam Seed Battle Destiny, and some soccer game.

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