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Gamearts Developing Two PlayStation Vita Games


Gamearts released one of PlayStation Vita's early fan favorites in Ragnarok Odyssey. But they're not done with the system yet. In addition to patches and download content for Ragnarok, the studio revealed today that it is making at least two additional PlayStation Vita games.

Development team "PonKotz Troops" is developing "Dokuro" for the system. Development team "Team Gajet" is working on an unnamed new project. Both will be published by Gung-Ho.

You can see first teaser footage of the two titles around the 2:40 mark of this clip that Sony released as part of today's PlayStation Vita Game Heaven video series. The rest of the video shows Ragnarok Odyssey's online multipalyer patch.

Dokuro (from PonKotz Troops)

Untitled (from Team Gajet)

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