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Touch My Katamari Vita Gets Pac-Man and Toro Download Content


Namco Bandai will release a Pac-Man themed mission for PlayStation Vita's Touch My Katamari. The mission features fans dressed as Pac-Man and the Ghosts, and has you collect power pellets and other Pac-Manish items throughout the stage. You'll also hear some familiar music and sound effects in the background.

In addition to the screens, we have a video in which producer Nakanishi, in his Katamari hat of course, introduces the game and its upcoming DLC. For the Pac-Man content, jump to the 2:42 mark.

Toro and Kuro will also appear in the game, Nakanishi revealed. The Sony mascots will be available in April. Nakanishi did not provide a look at the Toro and Kuro stage, but did show what their fans will look like.

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