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PlayStation Vita Street Fighter x Tekken Info Coming in April

Portable version may have motion and touch controls.


Sony and Capcom released a four minute clip of Street Fighter x Tekken as part of last night's PlayStation Vita Game Heaven video rush. A first chance to see the Vita version in motion?

No quite:

That's assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano. According to Ayano, because the game is in development, they can't show the game screen. Instead, he played the game with the back of the system to the camera, demonstrating either how to play the game with motion controls, or how to ensure that you get tazed at the train station.

Details on what exactly Ayano was showing in the video will be announced in April.

(The giant text in the last two shots says that the "play style" is currently in development.)

The trailer ends with what appears to be a bit of Vita footage. Take a look here:

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