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Next Inazuma Eleven Series is About Time Travel

New series to be announced this week.


Level-5 is ready to announce the next Inazuma Eleven subseries. According to CEO Akihiro Hino, writing at Twitter, details will be shared in a coming issue of Coro Coro Comics, but as a bit of teaser info, he described the new series as "time travel adventure."

Hino's Tweets appear to be about not just a game, but a whole series of product which, like last year's Inazuma Eleven Go, will include anime, manga and games. The game side will be an RPG, said Hino. As for the anime, the staff is already far along in their creation of the scenario. The first episode has already been recorded.

A person possibly related to the project fired off a Tweet at Hino telling him to wait a week. Hino responded that he decided to be playful and share the information in advance of Coro Coro. This seems to suggest that the Coro Coro Comics issue Hino is speaking of is the latest issue, which also includes details on new Little Battler eXperience games for 3DS and PSP.

We'll hopefully get official details on the next Inazuma Eleven production this week.

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