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Gundam Seed Battle Destiny Screens, Commercial and Packaging


One of the major announcements from last week's PlayStation Vita Game Heaven "event" was Gundam Seed Battle Destiny's release date. Today, Namco Bandai made formal announcement of the date, and also shared screens, packaging and a commercial.

As detailed last week, Gundam Seed Battle Destiny will be released on June 7, priced ¥5,980. Namco Bandai has not shared pricing for the game's download version.

Developed by Artdink, this first Vita Gundam puts you in missions set in the Gundam Seed Destiny universe. The game's Story Mission mode has missions that you'll recognize from the series, along with original ones. Fans of the Gundam Battle series will of course find the expected customization options. Ad-hoc multiplayer support includes two player co-op and four player combat.

View the game's first commercial here:

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