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Conception Battle Screens

Just how do you go about controlling a party of 13 characters?


We shared first details on the battle system in Spike's PSP baby birthing and dungeon crawling and world saving RPG Conception last week. Today, we have more screens and even more details!

As you explore the game's randomly generated dungeon, you and your star babies will encounter Kegare creatures roaming about. Touch a Kegare, and you'll enter the game's battle system.

Battles in Conception are turn-based, with heavy emphasis on position. You start off by using your info command to determine the weak point of the attacking Kegare. Attack the weak point, which is shown in yellow, and you'll give the Kegare mega damage.

With your character and your twelve children, your party consists of a total of thirteen members. It seems like a lot to handle, but the star children are actually split into three groups of four kids. Each group moves as a whole unit, so you can probably consider the battle system to have a total of four units.

Even if that's too much to handle, you can set the game to auto play, where the children will be controlled automatically, allowing you to control just the main character. Still too much? Then select All Auto Play, and everything will happen automatically.

The Kegare can perform attacks of their own, of course. If your star babies lose all their HP, they turn into a wooden matryoshka doll and become unusable. If all members on a given team turn to doll form, that team can no longer be used in battle.

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