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Shining Blade: latest screens, and details on the Force and Link attack systems


Just ahead of its release tomorrow, Sega has shared a new batch of screens and art for Shining Blade.

In addition to a look at the latest characters (visit 4Gamer for textual details), the screens show the game's Link Attack and Force Attack systems.

Force Attacks are character-specific special attacks. Before using these, you'll need to have built up your Force Gauge.

Link Attacks are cooperative attacks with your party members. You'll know that you can pair up with another character if you see "Link" over their icon. When initiating a Link Attack, you first select your target, and then select the character you'll be teaming up with.

As you might expect from the modern day Shining series, Link Attacks are part of a relationship component. Main character Reiji has individual favorability ratings with each character. The higher this goes, the stronger the Link Attack. You may even end up with special events....

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.