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First Look: Gundam Battle Operation

Namco Bandai's free-to-play online exclusive Gundam game for PS3.


Namco Bandai's next PlayStation 3 Gundam game is Gundam Battle Operation, a downloadable, free-to-play, online exclusive combat game that allows for six versus six battles. These first screens from Famtisu.com show game's combat and customization components.

During combat, up to twelve players split into teams of at most six each, one sided with Zeon and one with the Federation. In addition to fighting in your Mobile Suit, you'll also need to take to the ground as your pilot. As a pilot, you can make use of repair kit to fix Mobile Suits, and can also hitch a ride on a friend's Mobile Suit.

The game has all the options one might expect of an online title, including voice chat, text chat, and the ability to create custom match rooms and seek out other players. When searching for a room, you can search over such areas as: the map, player level cap, minimum number of participants, and ability to post comments.

At the end of battle, you'll receive customization parts. These can be used to build up your Mobile Suit. You can also customize your pilot with things like custom colored suits.

Gundam Battle Operation will be available as a free download in late June. Namco Bandai will hold a closed beta test from March 29 through March 31. Details on this will be announced shortly.

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