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Little Battler eXperience Sequel: First Look

Level-5 brings the sequel to PSP and an updated port of the original to 3DS.


Little Battler eXperience is going multiplatform. As reported earlier in the week, Level-5 will release new installments for the series on 3DS and PSP. Today, Level-5 formally announced the two games and shared first screens.

3DS will get an updated version of last year's Little Battler eXperience Boost. Titled Little Battler eXperience Baku Boost, the 3DS version updates the customization screen, adds direct touch controls, and moves all status parameters and menus to the lower screen. Your super moves are all 3D, of course.

PSP will get Little Battler eXperience W, a true sequel set 14 years after the events of the original. The concept of the sequel is "double main character." You'll play the game from the perspective of two main characters. Joining Ban Yamano, the hero who saved the world in the original LBX, will be newcomer Hiro Oozora, an otaku boy who wants to be a tokusatsu hero. His LBX is Perseus.

For the sequel, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is once again created as producer and scenario writer. The original's director and character/LBX designer also return for the sequel. OLM is once again working on the sequel's animation.


Level-5 has not said when W and Baku Boost will be released. Access the newly opened official sites here:

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